CHISON ECO 6VET offers lots of advanced capabilities in this small packages, specially engineered for veterinary imaging in bothsmallanimials and large animals.

It is a powerful veterinary ultrasound system for every species and every application, whether in the clinics or outdoor.

Wide ranges of applications:

Smaller footprint,easy to target whole body

- Ergonomic design,release from scanning fatigue.

- Higher frequency, obtain near field image. Lower weight,easy to carry,easy to scan.

- High frequency linear probe with good resolution and Penetration Frequency range: 5.3MHz-10.0MHz.

- Excellent choice for superficial scanning: tendon, testicle,i ntestine.

- Dedicated linear-rectal probe for large animal's reproduction.

- Black color for durable usage,easy to clean.

- Ultra-long cable to keep the system for the safe distance.

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