Acclarix LX9 VET

Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Acclarix LX9 VET

** Elegant Fusion of Specialty and Flexibility

  When referring to performance, renovation and multiformity - there is one ultrasound system that delivers more. Developed  specifically to address the challenges of complex ultrasound environments, the AcclarixTM LX9 Diagnostic Ultrasound System aims to provide precise diagnosis in versatile clinic application with uncompromising image quality , brilliant workflow and user-friendly operation.

- 21.5 inch high resolution LCD medical monitor

- 14 inch sensitive touch screen releasing efficient operation at fingertip Integrated user interface with 180° rotation and electronic height adjustment Extra-long continuous scanning time owing to two built-in batteries

Stunning Clarity

Definitive image quality.

As the most high-end level system from Edan , Acclarix LX9 offering stunning image quality and reliable functional workflow to satisfy GI doctors’ need on daily scanning and diagnosis, which can be installed in any departments you want for sonography.

•  High fidelity, high-channel count architecture results in superb detail resolution, particularly at depth

•  Tissue Adaptive Imaging (TAI) continuously and automatically optimizes imaging allowing more focus on the patient

    - In B-mode, TAI fine tunes multiple parameters to provide the best possible image quality

    - In Doppler, TAI automatically adjusts for flow state providing improved continuity, border detection and fill-in.

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